Finally. Credit Card Processing that Makes Sense.

You need to get paid – it’s time to use the best in the business. 

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Good for Clients. Good for You.

Offer fast and convenient payment options that meet your clients’ needs. Our exceptionally low rates will leave your shareholders pleased. For businesses of all size,  TruHarbor has you covered with the systems, software and hardware to get the job done right. Comprehensive payment tracking systems allow users to view payment history and order details from one convenient location. If you are looking to knock down as many barriers as you can for your clients, give TruHarbor a call and start taking credit and debit cards.

Enchance the Way You do business.

Business is Changing.

Technology is taking over and there is no escaping it. With the advancement of business, companies need to keep up with the smartest, most efficient, and most economic solutions possible. TruHarbor is a new a cutting-edge solution for credit card processing related business services. Our Rapid Advance system gives you access to the capital you need in the moment, and very conveniently pays itself off as your customers pay via credit card. A small percentage of the credit card transaction goes to pay back the loan – an elegant and automated financing solution.

Universal Integration

Our solutions for credit card processing integrate with a wide variety of technologies, systems, and brands. We guarantee that we can find a solution that meets your particular needs. The latest mobile and electronic solutions are at your disposal.


Transparency is Key

We understand that complete transparency is not only the best way to do business, but it is the most useful and benefical for our clients. We give you access to everything you need to make the most informed decisions possible, and all of the analytics and data to track and manage your orders.

We are Here for You

Your success is our top priority. We not only want to equip you with the very best tools, but we also want to provide a level of customer service that leaves a fantastic lifelong impression. Our relationships with our customers are what allow us to make a lasting impact.

Let us get you up and running in no time!