If you are going to run a business, big or small, you need to be able to accept credit cards. The benefits of accepting credit cards far outweigh the meager costs, and TruHarbor can help set you on the path to accepting them.

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING CAN BOOST YOUR SALES TruHarbor | Value of Credit Card Processing

According to a recent survey from bankrate.com, 80% of people carry less than $50 in cash in their wallets every day. 9% don’t carry any cash at all, and only 7% carry $100 or more. This means that for every item your business sells that is over $50, 80% of your customers won’t be able to buy it if you don’t accept credit cards. Even if you sell less expensive products you still risk losing out on sales from people who do not carry enough, or any, cash on hand.


Credit cards are efficient for both business owners and their customers. For business leaders, it means getting their funds within a few days or less, rather than waiting for checks to clear or bills to go through. For customers, it means not having to carry cash, more flexibility in how much they can spend, and the security of using a trusted company to pay through.


Not only are credit cards efficient, they are safer. The more card sales you do, the less cash you’ll have on hand in store or on your person, reducing the risk of thievery. They can also help prevent accidental mishandling of funds; the digital nature of the transactions helps prevent accidentally using the wrong bills or losing track of any money.


A swipe, tap, or insert with a signature is all it takes for a customer to pay by credit card. Setting up your business to accept those credit cards is equally as simple and there’s a variety of options out there, such as the POYNT system offered by TruHarbor.

You want your business to succeed, your customers to be happy, and your funds to be sufficient. Being able to accept credit cards is an important part of making these things happen. Explore all of the options available through TruHarbor for you to do just that.