You’ve done it! You’ve started your small business. But now what? How do you keep this whole thing going? What are the next steps? Here’s just a few of them to help get you going:

Figure out your marketing TruHarbor | Tips for Starting a Small Business

No business, especially brand new smaller ones, can succeed without marketing. Take the time to research marketing for your business and what would work best for reaching the customer base you would like to reach. A big part of your marketing will probably involve social media in some form, so figure out which network or networks will work best for your business. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram; there’s a lot of options out there and each one appeals to a different audience. At the same time don’t get so bogged down with your marketing that you don’t have time to run your actual business.

Set your standards

Starting a new business is exciting. You want to make all of your customers happy, sell all your product ideas immediately, and start making a name for yourself. But if you’re handing out freebies and discounts to every customer it will only weaken your business in the long run. Figure out what you’re willing to budge on and what you aren’t as early as possible so you never end up doing something you regret just to make a customer happy. Sprinkle your products in little by little so it is easier to figure out what works and what doesn’t without ending up with a ton of product that you can’t sell and are on the hook for.

Get control of your finances

No business can survive long without properly accounted finances. The sooner you can figure out exactly what your financial plan is, the better off you’ll be. Getting on top of your finances early will ensure you are well equipped with things like proper credit card processors for transactions with your customers, well financed with business loans from trusted providers like TruHarbor, and overall prepared financially. Don’t let yourself get started only to discover that your plans won’t work out because of financial issues you didn’t account for.

Starting a small business is hard and can be a little scary, but the rewards are more than worth it if you are willing to push through and keep going. Let TruHarbor help you out with a business loan to get you started and credit card processing for when you get going.